Freshman year of college

Everyone waits for the day they move into their dorm and start life on their own with independence. Even though I have only been in college for a few months there are some things I have learned.

-You will miss food from back home more than anything in the whole world

I have never had more easy mac and ramen in my entire life. That fake cheesy sauce-like goop has been my only choice of food for when the dining hall is closed. I now see how people gain their freshman 15.

-Go to class

Being at a university thy has small class sizes I have found out that it is crucial to go to class. You miss so much if you don’t. If you don’t feel like going to class because you’re tired, suck it up.

-You will become closer to your family

I have had a pretty iffy relationship with my mom and my 16 year old sister. We never really talked and when we did it was a lot fighting. After leaving for weeks my mom would occasionally texted me to see how I was. I was getting more texts and I was texting her. Now when I go back home we talk to each other about school and how things are. It just naturally happened.

-You will eventually feel like you have no money

I didn’t work enough during the summer and doesn’t save as much in that matter. I went broke. I had no money and when I wanted to buy things I couldn’t. Save your money! Work! Work! Work!

-Join clubs

I started school feeling pretty lonely. I eventually joined Cheer and made some good and some close relationships. I also joined another club which has given me more connections with other students.

-Buy lots of organizing things for your dorm

You are not going to have enough room for everything you are bringing. Buy rolling cabinets and desk organizers to put everything in it. Rolling cabinets are good for storing your food and extra books.

There are probably more things, by it these are just some that have been big impacts so far in my college career. College is a whole new experience so try new things and don’t let anything hold you back.


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