My Favorite Makeup Pieces

I’m a makeup junkie and want to share with people my favorite makeup pieces that I use.


I use this EVERYDAY. I seriously mean that. This foundation is an everyday wear and it goes on very nicely and does not cake. It almost looks invisible adding enough coverage. I love it so so so much. Through out the day my face does get a little oily, but I have very oily skins and this works pretty well.


Every girl needs this beautiful and easy to use contour kit in their life. It is a powder and Anastasia somehow makes ALL their products so easy to use. There are different color palettes according got your skin color and they each have colors that would work with different hues. Again, this is so easy to use!!! I also use the darker brown on my eye brows just to lightly fill them in. LOVE this!!


This is a $6 STEAL!! It has 4 colors on the inside and you can also see it in the link. Each color can be used each day for any occasion. That is what makes this palette so awesome is it has colors for different things. Also, its only $6! That is a great steal.


Real Techiniques makes some pretty high quality brushes for GREAT prices. This is a 4 piece set and has universal use brushes. I use the brush ha tis 3rd to the right for powder foundation, contour and blush. I love these brushes!


This eyeliner is a little spendy but definitely worth it. It is made out of clay and comes out nice and creamy. It stays on so well and doesn’t smudge or come off with water very well. It comes with the liner tool on the right which I feel gives more control. There’s a lot you can do with that brush with long wings, short wings or just regular eyelid eyeliner.


Revlon has made one of my #1 products which is this matte Lip Balm. There are many different colors, but this goes on smoothly and stays on smooth. The color is vibrant and bold and it is just a wonderful product.


Link for the Orange Bottle-

Link for Brown bottle-

These 2 mascaras are used by me DAILY. The orange bottle gives the best volume that anyone could find. It is beyond cheap and gives great fullness to your eyelashes. The brown one is made with ARGAN OIL. That helps with your eye lashes. The brush itself is meant to take clumps out and it definitely does.

To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything.
-Marc Jacobs


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