Good Eats in Minnesota

I am addicted to food! Of course it is something we all need to survive, but my taste buds crave more than just a Mac and Cheese. My taste buds strive for flavorful, savory and GREAT foods. Here are a few places in Minnesota that anyone should try if they are visiting or live here.

  1. The Blue Door


They currently have a site in Minneapolis and West St. Paul. Their menu is different depending on which place you go to. This small burger joint is definitely a hit. They name most of their burgers “blucy’s” because they are juicy lucy’s. At the St. Paul location I enjoyed a “Jiffy Burger”. Yes indeed, there is Jiffy peanut butter on it! Not only is there crunchy peanut butter, but there is BACON! Who doesn’t love bacon. It may sound like a weird combo, but the sweet and salty flavors mixing makes this burger fabulous. It is not stuffed sadly, but it burst flavor onto your tastebuds. Tater tots and their onion rings are a huge hit. Stop on in at one of their 2 locations.

2. Yumi’s Sushi Bar


I have never been to a sushi restaurant that has beat this treasure(I have been to MANY places). In the heart of Excelsior, Mn this restaurant sits in one of the best locations. Even though their sushi is very pricey, I can promise you that you will get the best tasting sushi and best sized sushi. It is an extremely popular place with great service and quickly made sushi that comes out beautifully. Zach Parise from the Wild has even dined here. My favorite roll is the “Honeymoon Roll”. Not only is it my favorite, but it is majority of the customer’s favorite. It is a huge roll filled with shrimp tempura, crab, spicy salmon(not too spicy), wrapped in soy paper, and sweet chili sauce drizzle on top. One of my other favorites is the classic California roll. What makes this roll special to  me is how fresh it tastes and the size of the pieces. This is a MUST go-to.

3. iPho by Saigon


iPho has some of the best Pho in the cities. It is in St. Paul and not only does the taste wow me, but the prices do too. Each type of pho is the same price. Whether its all seafood in it, or chicken and beef, it will be the same price. Another cool thing that they serve is real vietnamese eggrolls but, with authentic sauce. Not the sweet chili goop from a bottle, but the real, homemade, flavorful dipping sauce.

4. Maynards


What I enjoy the most about Maynards is their location. They sit right on Lake Minnetonka so it offers a great view. Not only do they offer a great view, but also seating outside on the lake. Boaters can come in an park their boats in slots with help from the dock boys and sit outside to enjoy a nice lunch. They serve American food and two of my favorites are the “California Burger” and “Frannies Chicken Salad”. The California burger is juicy and big. The giant heap of guacamole is what makes it so delicious and fresh. Frannies Chicken Salad is a huge hit. What makes this salad so great is the coconut breaded chicken along with the honey mustard dressing. The crispy and sweet chicken mixed with tomatoes, artichokes, avocados, eggs and the dressing gives each bit flavor.

5. Hazelwood


Hazelwood is a small restaurant with a beautiful and calm inside setting. They offer some great foods such as their turkey burger and my favorite, shrimp curry. I recently just tried this curry and it was AMAZING. I’m not a big fan of spice and this definitely had kick in it, but the flavor was incredible. The sweet and spicy mix made it so pleasing to the mouth. They turn a curry into a curry noodle dish. They serve the shrimp and curry over a bed of rice noodles and it makes for this incredibly different and unique dish.

Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.

Dorothy Day


My Favorite Makeup Pieces

I’m a makeup junkie and want to share with people my favorite makeup pieces that I use.


I use this EVERYDAY. I seriously mean that. This foundation is an everyday wear and it goes on very nicely and does not cake. It almost looks invisible adding enough coverage. I love it so so so much. Through out the day my face does get a little oily, but I have very oily skins and this works pretty well.


Every girl needs this beautiful and easy to use contour kit in their life. It is a powder and Anastasia somehow makes ALL their products so easy to use. There are different color palettes according got your skin color and they each have colors that would work with different hues. Again, this is so easy to use!!! I also use the darker brown on my eye brows just to lightly fill them in. LOVE this!!


This is a $6 STEAL!! It has 4 colors on the inside and you can also see it in the link. Each color can be used each day for any occasion. That is what makes this palette so awesome is it has colors for different things. Also, its only $6! That is a great steal.


Real Techiniques makes some pretty high quality brushes for GREAT prices. This is a 4 piece set and has universal use brushes. I use the brush ha tis 3rd to the right for powder foundation, contour and blush. I love these brushes!


This eyeliner is a little spendy but definitely worth it. It is made out of clay and comes out nice and creamy. It stays on so well and doesn’t smudge or come off with water very well. It comes with the liner tool on the right which I feel gives more control. There’s a lot you can do with that brush with long wings, short wings or just regular eyelid eyeliner.


Revlon has made one of my #1 products which is this matte Lip Balm. There are many different colors, but this goes on smoothly and stays on smooth. The color is vibrant and bold and it is just a wonderful product.


Link for the Orange Bottle-

Link for Brown bottle-

These 2 mascaras are used by me DAILY. The orange bottle gives the best volume that anyone could find. It is beyond cheap and gives great fullness to your eyelashes. The brown one is made with ARGAN OIL. That helps with your eye lashes. The brush itself is meant to take clumps out and it definitely does.

To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything.
-Marc Jacobs


I don’t know why people get to feel this way or why we deserve to feel lonely. It’s like life just doesn’t want you to feel good and you’re just stuck in a hole. I feel lonely and am lonely. I find myself sitting and looking around then being hit by a wall of loneliness. It’s just me and quietness. I don’t have anyone to text or talk to besides my boyfriend, but that doesn’t take away the fact that I have no one else to hangout with or chat with. Growing up I switched schools plenty of times to know how to make friends and be bubbly and open. For the FIRST time in my life that didn’t work. IT DIDN’T WORK?! Yes, it didn’t. I feel like I’ve been beat. Going to a small school, I should’ve been ready. It didn’t even phase me that it would be this hard.

At the innermost core of all loneliness is a deep and powerful yearning for union with one’s lost self.
– Brendan Behan

I wonder if Brendan Behan is trying to tell me that I am trying to find my lost self. I wonder if this is much more than just loneliness. I wonder if I need to find myself again.

Loneliness starts to mix with depression for me. I start to put the 2 together and lose it. My body takes it all in and absorbs this feeling I am receiving or letting in. I don’t like to  think about it, but sometimes it just happens and takes my entire body over. I just had a thought: I have been blogging for less than a month and when I felt this tidal wave of loneliness I went to my computer keys. Maybe I am finding myself again through my words. Thank you Elle Goulding for singing in my ears before I thought of that. But still, I’m lonely. Yes, that is me all the way on the right, with no date.

Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.

-Marie Currie

Canada, Eh

As I sit here in my Interpersonal Communication class, I can’t really focus on anything besides when I look out the window and see the gloomy gray sky with wet leaves all around. I was walking to my class earlier and I just kept seeing all of these worms on the ground and it was more than I’ve ever seen. I was thinking about when I went to Canada and the beauty it held. Every where I went there was something that would catch my eye. I started off in Calgary with my best friend and drove to Vancouver and this is what I found:

University of British Columbia-Vancouver
University of British Columbia-Vancouver Garden/Ocean Overlook
Bridge over harbor into Vancouver
Bridge over harbor into Vancouver
Stop on the road on the way to Vancouver
Stop on the road on the way to Vancouver
Lake Louise
Lake Louise
Lake Okanagan
Lake Okanagan

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

First blog post…

No one including myself would’ve thought that I would be starting a blog. Through out my years in school I haven’t been the best writer. I’ve had tutors, extra writing help and special classes. Starting this blog is so much more to me than just to improve my writing, but to let out all of the thoughts/feelings/emotions that squeeze together and somehow fit in my head. Being 18 and in college sets me up for all 3 of those things. I’ve read peoples blogs about completely random things to very specific things and I don’t want to be specific because I’m not a specific person. I want to be spontaneous and surprise not only myself, but others with what to write. I don’t know if it counts, but I used to try and write in my diary, which never went well, so we will see where this goes.

Cheerleading isn’t even a sport

I used to look at the cheerleaders at my high school and think, “wow that is really sad.”

Let me first inform you that I have never been the girly type. I played soccer and basketball for 8ish years and tennis for 6ish. I was an athlete and tomboy for some time. I didn’t care about wearing makeup to a game or if I sweat my entire face off. At sporting events I never cheered loud, I just watched.

Starting my first year of college, I wanted to join something that would get me more involved and you guessed it, cheerleading. I was hooked in by a captain named Grace who told me how fun it is and that it’s a great experience. She also told me  that I would get on the team instantly because they lost so many people. Great, I don’t need to tryout so this was already looking good for me.

I went to the first practice and didn’t really know what to expect. I did dance a few years ago, but don’t remember anything. I’ve never cheered so I don’t think I can do this. I’ve never stunted and don’t even know what that means. I just thought cheerleading would consist of dancing and yelling. Well I was wrong. We went over some pretty easy cheers and I couldn’t cheer. The words physically could not come out of my mouth. It just felt weird to yell. I tried to yell “Go C-U” and I sounded like I was talking. I just couldn’t do it. After a few more times I started yelling. I learned that it should come from your stomach and you aren’t yelling loud enough if your stomach isn’t moving. I was starting to yell, but not at 100%. We went into stunting, which consists of doing things in the air, by lifting girls up. Our coach gave us all roles based on our height and I was a base. Another girl and I would be holding girls up in the air and throwing them up with our hands. I didn’t even know where to start, but I knew I was strong and this would be good for me. We started off with just a hang drill(pictured below)hqdefault

Now this hurt like hell. Having a girl just push down on your shoulders and stay there for a minute then repeat is not fun. I definitely felt that the next day. Staci, our coach decided to push us further. Awesome, so now my shoulder is in pain and I have to do more. We were doing basic things and the second thing we did was a prep(pictured below)


This is when things started getting real. I was holding a girl up by her feet int he air. I was the deciding factor of whether or not she hit the ground. The #1 rule is to never let anyone hit the ground. If someone did we would do pushups. My arms and wrists were getting tired of doing this over and over. I remember telling my mom that I joined cheer and she kind of laughed and didn’t take me seriously. I told my close friend and I got a laugh and a joke. It made me more determined to go through with it and learn everything. It was just a start of an amazing experience.

Practices went by and I started to feel like a cheerleader. I am doing things I never thought I could accomplish and I feel stronger in the sense that I can do anything if I really try. My outlook on cheerleading has changed drastically and by actually participating it has shown me that it is a sport. It’s more than just cheering loud and shaking your poms. It may look like it is easy and we aren’t doing anything, but step into my shoes and tell me I’m not doing anything besides cheering.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.’ – Walt Disney

You’re just in the honeymoon stage, wait until after and it’s not going to be fun

I remember being in my early teens and dreaming of Nick Jonas every night… and I mean EVERY night. I dreamed of us walking across the beach, going to dinner, having a family and what ever else you could possible think of. It was crazy. I had all of the Jonas Brothers albums and went to their concerts whenever they came to Minnesota. I was the crazy fan girl who’s ultimate dream would consist of dating Nick Jonas and having his babies.

Yeah that never happened and ended after 2 long years of craziness. I met someone senior year of high school who has changed my life. Many girls get that feeling more than once, unfortunately. After having a toxic relationship that lasted for a year and a half I didn’t think i could love the same…until I met my prince charming Andy. He wasn’t my prince charming in the beginning because we were just friends, but we formed a relationship through a friendship and that is something I had never experienced before. I knew this time it would be different.

I still remember having one of my friends urge me to like Andy while we were paint balling. She kept whispering to me, “Helena please go for Andy”. I’m pretty sure she asked like everyone to do that, but I was thinking just let me set my gun down in the arena, walk over to him and start hitting on him. No, I couldn’t do that. That was the first time that thought ever hit my mind. What if I did try to hit on him?

Year or 2 goes by and Andy and I are friends. YES still friends. We texted, hung out with our friends and whatever else friends did. Except for last year in 2014. Things started heating up. We were talking and hanging out. I was developing something called feelings for him. Our friends always liked to go out and do things. They were adventurous and never wanted to stay inside unless they wanted to do honesty circle which was always a bad idea… too many tears and deep stuff. We all decided to go to The Depot in Minneapolis. We had gone already before and wanted to go again. Andy used to play hockey and I remember just watching him skate around and something was magical about it. He was just so intriguing and attractive on that note. I could tell he was obviously just skating around super fast to show off his skill to everyone or he was competing with another dude who played hockey, I don’t really know. All I knew was that I wanted him. For the first time in our friendship I felt like I wanted more than just this little. That night it all came out. He drove one of our friends and I back and riding in the car with him alone felt like a sauna with all the nerves kicking in. It was just us 2 and it was a mix of scary and exciting. By the time we got back to my car my hands felt like they were just dipped in water. We sat in the car and before I left we spilled our feelings. I always feel that is something that is so important, that if you’re going to share feelings it should be face to face. I had fireworks exploding in my stomach.

It’s been almost 10 months with this fella and I can’t explain how much I care for this human being. Who would’ve thought that someone like me could care/love/protect this person with all of my being. People doubted us and I cant elaborate anymore on not listening to others on what they think of your relationship. I’m sorry that we are happy and you are not so you decide to bash on us and say things that would hurt one of us. It’s sad. Anyways, live life and ride on the rollercoaster that goes through it. You never know where you’ll end up.

“Remember that you don’t choose love; love chooses you. All you really can do is accept it for all its mystery when it comes into your life. Feel the way it fills you to overflowing then reach out and give it away.” – Kent Nurburn

Freshman year of college

Everyone waits for the day they move into their dorm and start life on their own with independence. Even though I have only been in college for a few months there are some things I have learned.

-You will miss food from back home more than anything in the whole world

I have never had more easy mac and ramen in my entire life. That fake cheesy sauce-like goop has been my only choice of food for when the dining hall is closed. I now see how people gain their freshman 15.

-Go to class

Being at a university thy has small class sizes I have found out that it is crucial to go to class. You miss so much if you don’t. If you don’t feel like going to class because you’re tired, suck it up.

-You will become closer to your family

I have had a pretty iffy relationship with my mom and my 16 year old sister. We never really talked and when we did it was a lot fighting. After leaving for weeks my mom would occasionally texted me to see how I was. I was getting more texts and I was texting her. Now when I go back home we talk to each other about school and how things are. It just naturally happened.

-You will eventually feel like you have no money

I didn’t work enough during the summer and doesn’t save as much in that matter. I went broke. I had no money and when I wanted to buy things I couldn’t. Save your money! Work! Work! Work!

-Join clubs

I started school feeling pretty lonely. I eventually joined Cheer and made some good and some close relationships. I also joined another club which has given me more connections with other students.

-Buy lots of organizing things for your dorm

You are not going to have enough room for everything you are bringing. Buy rolling cabinets and desk organizers to put everything in it. Rolling cabinets are good for storing your food and extra books.

There are probably more things, by it these are just some that have been big impacts so far in my college career. College is a whole new experience so try new things and don’t let anything hold you back.